The revolution of Cloud Video Production

Cloud computing has been an incredibly useful advancement in terms of file sharing and teamwork. New video production platforms are adapting to cloud management systems, streamlining the post-production process for editors and clients alike.

Easy storyboarding | Quick ways to make a storyboard

A fun and simple method to create a storyboard is always required when making a video. With sticky notes or software, storyboarding can be quick and easy.

You couldn’t do it without a storyboard…

Making a video requires time and planning, and this is where a storyboard comes in. It will save you a lot of time and money by preventing errors and unnecessary revisions.


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Videolance is built by three guys that set out to change the video marketing world. Between need and opportunity, this platform will be the hub for all things video...

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Videolance offers a breath of fresh air to an industry that’s just waiting to explode. Silviu Ardelean, Video Specialist
Videolance will be a game-changer. It solves real problems for both business owners as well as video artists. Oliver Auerbach, CEO GloriaFood