Betfair - Win More

by Patrick O Connor in VIDEO


Part of a massive ad campaign of craziness I worked on back in autumn 2012. Despite the many late nights, stupidly early mornings and some nightmarish match-moving, it turned out looking rad, yay...

Dir: Dan Henshaw
Prod: Chris Massey
Prod Co: Skin Flicks
DoP: Brian Fawcett
Editor: Ryan Boucher
3D Artist: Ciaran O'Connor
Sound Design: Saul Richards
Colorist: Luke Morrison @ The Mill

Project Goal

I had been keen to work on a camera tracking/matchmoving project like this for a while, so I was stoked when Skinflicks came to me to help out and get it all done. Camera tracking was done with Syntheyes, 3D design with Cinema 4D and compositing, spit & polish done with AE. Needless to say, this entire project, which also included a series of 4 print posters and a digital poster for use on screens in various salubrious & snazzy locales, took a lot of time to get right and in doing so, I picked up a wealth of new tricks and workflows, which is always a good thing.